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July 10, 2014 at 9:10 am

Mobile Apps: Why getting an iPhone is the ‘Best Decision’

iPhoneology has been one of the trending topics rising ever since Apple started with the iPhone invention. A sleek and compact technology within the touch of your finger tips. And a lot of users are now engaged to using this gadget because of the advantage of mobile apps, to name one of the many key features.


Getting an iPhone is perhaps one of the best decisions a user could have, not just to smartphone buffs that are obsessed with the trending gadgets going around the market. There is more to having an iPhone and these are some of the reasons:


The iPhone just performs well. And it has been living up to its expectations ever since it came out of the market. There may be smartphones who have leveled up just how Apple updates its products but the truth to the matter is that the iPhone just keeps on getting better. With its features that can easily be navigated, and with its operating system such as the iOS and an A6 chip as a processor, would definitely make it a remarkable experience for every user.

Battery life

With its high performance and fast running mobile applications, users can still enjoy operating the iPhone without getting too much concerned about its battery life. With its average battery life feature of up to 10 hours on 3G-talk time and Internet usage of up to 8-10 hours on Wi-Fi, this is an incredible feature for a smartphone and can be utilized more anytime. And if you are not a heavy user, it can be used up over a day on sleep mode, which is not bad enough for a gadget.

Retina Display

One of the key features of an iPhone is its retina display, boasting through its vibrant and lively colors, popping out of your screen. Of course not literally, but figuratively speaking, images and videos on the iPhone screen can be seen as how you are seeing them with your naked eyes. The pixels are so fine that you would not even bother to mind it. Also, only Apple products have retina display so there is no need to contest with that.

retina display


With its sleek design, the iPhone can be one of a kind due to its very polished form. It’s designed to fit into any user’s advantage and it has a very robust style. It can fit to one’s hand like a solid metal gadget and is very handy to bring. With it’s structural integrity, the iPhone just feels significant as it looks.


An iPhone will never be an iPhone without its mobile applications that are among the key features present in such a device as this.  Apple has powerful features but not power-hungry, hence it makes quick work of even the most graphic-intensive mobile apps. These mobile apps do not only help the users with the work they needed from an iPhone, but also these apps can help the users get a feel of what it is like to have an Apple and iPhone experience. Businesses, such as digital marketing, are also using the Apple experience as a standard to their business operations and starting with an iPhone is already an advantage.

Video Chat

As handy as it is, so is their feature of video chatting. Through Facetime, iPhone’s feat is to allow its users to connect with anyone, from their clients, to the customers, to their loved ones or even with their pets. iPhone’s video chat attribute allows face to face, real time conversations making the experience not limited despite of the location difference.


With a whole lot more of qualities an iPhone can showcase, the satisfaction of a user from using this gadget can never be replaced. Yes, iPhone’s features are so ambitious but there is no way Apple will allow just such ambitions. And with that, more and more opportunities for upgrading of the technology they are using just for customer satisfaction is what they really aim for, despite the obvious aspect of consumerism.

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