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June 24, 2016 at 7:35 am

Do’s and Don’ts of Publishing on Social Media

The truth is – one post – just one post – can damage your reputation that took you years to build. With that, social media marketing has its own ramifications when done wrong that social media marketing company Philippines may not readily tell you. To maximize your social investments more if you are doing the work in-house, you need to know the basic rules when publishing posts and updates. Here are those.

Social do’s and don’ts

social media dos and donts


Post often

Although this greatly varies on the social platform, the goal is to be the top-of-mind brand, website or blog through the content you publish. In Facebook, you need to post twice daily on both weekdays and weekends. In Twitter, you need to tweet 14 times on weekdays and 7 times on weekends. In LinkedIn, post at least once per day on weekends, no weekends.

Share own and others’ contents

Strike a balance between publishing original and curated content. Never flood your Timeline or other people’s news feed with purely curated content. Your primary content strategy should be sharing your own content. When sharing other’s content, though, make sure that you read the entire post first to ensure that it is indeed valuable to your readers.

Share various posts

Also, don’t publish the same content and the same type of content over and over. There are many different types of share-worthy social content such as infographics, content with images, and interactive content. If you need to share a particular link within one day, space it out or else, people will think you’re a spammer. You’ll only annoy your audience and alienate them with your purpose.

Share niche-relevant posts

Be wary what you are sharing with your target market. We can only say that it’s a valuable piece of content if your audience will learn something new or find something useful from it. Definitely, this will depend on the goals of your social media marketing. It would be best to define your goals first and make it realistic as possible.

Be grateful

Let your audience know that you are serious about building a lasting relationship with them. Follow back. Comment back. Someone tagged you in a post, comment. Thank anyone who shares your post. Engage your audience through encouraging interactions. You can start conversations with asking questions or opinions. This will not only lead to relationships and goodwill but also gets your brand more exposure without forcing it.




Again, learn the basics of posting frequency on each social platform you are at. Don’t share other people’s content too frequently. It will only confuse your audience as to which brand you are promoting – yours or theirs. Don’t publish an update with too many hashtags on it, too. Maintain the right balance and healthy mix of posts.

Share irrelevant information

One tendency is sharing filler content pieces just so you have something to post. No. It would be best to have a social content plan at the start of the month that you can work or build upon. In this way, you won’t struggle on what to post next.

Be inconsistent

Consistency is key when doing social media marketing. Never publish or share too many posts in one week and only a few the following week. This only ruins the expectations of your target audience. Eventually, they will disengage with your business altogether.

Solicit engagement

Never buy followers, likes, and subscriptions. These things offer no real value so it’s just a waste of marketing budget that you should’ve invested on other important things such as creating original posts. Also, numbers of shares, likes, and the likes are just vanity metrics that are punishable by Google once it confirmed that these came from link farms.

Don’t forget these basic rules. A winning social media strategy is all about value, consistency, and balance. If all else fails, let us leave you with a Think Before You Post diagram created by Hootsuite. This flowchat is not the panacea, but a great guide nevertheless when contemplating on what social posts to publish.

social dos and donts think before you post

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