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December 1, 2014 at 10:49 am

Enhancing the Business through Videos

social-media-marketing-company-philippines-videosVideos are everywhere in the World Wide Web. If you haven’t used video contents, then this is the right time to do so; the right time to contact a social media marketing company Philippines. Yes, videos can increase brand awareness and build trust among the users. Nonetheless, videos are an essential tool not just for increased marketing for your website, but also for optimization initiatives. There are many reasons you should use video contents in making your business more visible and more profitable online and offline. Here are some of these reasons.




What the statistics say?

Here are some figures that may encourage you to start making and publishing videos online.

  • YouTube is the 2nd most popular engine next to Google
  • Videos on search results have 41% click through rate
  • Videos receive 53% higher organic ranking on the 1st page of SERPs
  • Consumers spend 9% more on the website when videos are present


How to use videos?

There are several ways by which a business can utilize and benefit from videos for both commercial and promotional purposes.

1) Enhancing the website

Videos impress the majority of the visitors. In just a few minutes, you can tell your users why they should choose you over your competitors; you can highlight your value proposition. Videos are a great way to get your first-time visitors get hooked on your website. Videos can keep these visitors long enough to explore the products and services.

2) Demonstrating how-to’s

Videos can also record and show how the products actually work. It is rather easy to answer the question ‘why will I use your product’ in the video, giving the viewers an idea on how they can maximize the use of a specific product. This is specifically advisable for businesses with otherwise complicated products.

3) Showcasing testimonials

Videos can also record the experiences of the customers. There’ll be no need for highly satisfied customers to brag about how good their experiences are. They may even relay information on why your business is a better choice over the competition. Videos can actually capture the emotions behind the testimony that is always advantageous to your business.

4) Conducting interactive activities

Is a grand launch coming? Are you conducting an interview with your brand ambassador? You may have the cameras rolling and have the event streamed on your website for free. Certainly, you need to announce the event in advance. Also, there are advanced options where you can accept questions from the audience.

5) Optimizing the website

Videos can be published on your website and YouTube. Regardless of where you publish it, you should put a keyword-rich description or a transcript. Remember that search engines pick texts and not graphics, so make sure that your videos will be indexed through proper keyword usage and placement.


Don’t forget to keep the video contents short (as short as possible). Users will not waste their times watching too long a video that discusses the same thing over. Incorporate keywords whenever possible, but make it natural. Share the video on social media and other appropriate venues. Finally, track and analyze how each video performs on the web. Incorporate your learning in the previous videos in making new ones.


Videos present themselves as another viable communication and marketing tool at any online business’ disposal. The figures are so strong it is no longer advisable to ignore what videos can do to make your business more successful. Videos are the solution to put emphasis on dynamicity and interactivity. This is especially true today wherein video consumption is expected to increase due to a higher number of consumers relying on mobile devices.


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