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September 25, 2014 at 9:27 am

Is Taking Advantage of Technology a Solution in Managing Customer Relations?

It is a fact that your customers are your prized possessions when it comes to business. Why? Because without them, who would buy and patronize your ideas, your products and/or services? It is also a fact that you should know how to take good care of them. Why? Because they can help you grow as a business. However, in today’s generation, the technology is much fast-paced and oftentimes, people neglect or, if not, takes it for granted because of too many things to keep in mind. Say for example, you are a digital marketing agency in the Philippines or an SEO company, it is noted that you should know better how to get things done. And that is what we are going to tackle about.



Customer Service Technology


To best serve your customer’s needs and give them the proper experience they deserve, there are smart ways on how to execute your excellent customer relations through customer service technology. By using this technique and by taking advantage of it, it will also help you, as a business in anticipating customer needs by the use of new technologies.


Keep in mind that the quality of service lies on how you take action to your customer’s requests.


The Internet


Almost everything revolves around this medium. Therefore, it is one tool you can generally use to push those efforts in rendering quality service to your customers.



On your website’s page, it is important to provide areas where customers can answer their own questions, perhaps a FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) portion. You can also provide something where they can also seek answers from others.



By providing an e-mail address where your customers can quickly keep in touch with you and on your end, make you respond quickly to their needs or certain requests as well, makes it a way to improve your customer service.



Unify your communications system so that you will know whether a costumer who left the same message on your webpage also sent e-mail with the same request a few days ago. With that, you will not have the difficulty in tracking and responding to your customers.


Social Media 

This is one best way to immediately respond to your clients/customers. With the help of notifications from your Facebook or Twitter accounts, you will know which messages should be given prompt actions and prioritization.



By using communication software, this is one way to have a more sophisticated tool in gathering customer demands and requests over a time, such as having a customer relationship management.


Which should you focus?


Of course, the goal of your business in terms of customer relations is to provide customer loyalty at your end and there is no better way to do that than to offer your best quality products and services and be responsive to your customers. Reaching out would mean that you care for them and that you want them to experience one hundred percent of the best. However, new technologies today have become too occupied with so many channels for information gathering of which customer requests should be focused because of its complexity.


Below are some things to keep in mind on what technology you should use to raise the quality of your customer service focus:


Data management and analytics. Use data collected from customers to analyze their preferences.


Insight-driven marketing. This would mean gaining insights into your business from customer data to have more effective target marketing.


Marketing automation. Streamline and automate business processes to be able to improve on efficiency and to keep low on your costs.


Self-service optimization. Find ways for customers to interact with your business whenever they want to.


Workforce effectiveness. As a business, you should encourage your staff to embrace new ways in improving customer treatment by providing tools and training to deliver quality service.


Now that you have already tidbits and insights on how to power-up those customer relation techniques, it would be a great help for your company to keep these in mind. Practice these steps and you will surely embody the traits of what customer service should be.


If you have any more additional insights, feel free to share them away on the comment section below!



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