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January 7, 2015 at 5:56 am

How to Win More Readers?

Do you ever wonder why your blog is receiving too few readers? Perhaps, you are falling short in the marketing department. Your job as an SEO specialist whether you are working as a freelancer or for an Internet marketing agency is far from being over after hitting the publish button. Nope. It is a must to promote your blog to win more readers. Here’s how.



Social media outreach

What better way to promote strategic contents than doing the social media? Social media is both powerful and instrumental in getting contents right in front of the right audience at the right time and using the right device.

On Twitter:

  • Share your post at least 2 times on the same day that the blog is published.
  • Promote the post visually by using a related and interesting image.
  • Promote the post by writing compelling teasers with each tweet.
  • Shorten the URL to give space for re-tweets.
  • Send a DM (direct message) to the individuals, groups or brands you mentioned on the post.
  • Use appropriate hashtags. One to two hashtags is acceptable.
  • Pin your tweet about the post on your profile page.

On Facebook:

  • Share the post on your Facebook page on the same day that it is published.
  • Attach a related image to the post.
  • Share the post on your timeline, too.
  • Join various relevant groups. Share your contents on these groups.

On LinkedIn:

  • Share the post on the company’s official LinkedIn page.
  • Do share the post on your personal profile, too.
  • Join relevant groups. Share your contents on these groups.
  • Create a group if there is none in and about your niche. Start conversations.
  • Repurpose the content. Post it on the site’s publishing platform.

On Google+:

  • Share the post on your company’s official Google+ page.
  • Share it on your personal profile. Encourage other employees to do the same.
  • Attach a compelling image to the post.
  • Use relevant hashtags.
  • Share the content on relevant communities.


Email outreach

Promote your contents on email as well. Relationships formed through email are deeper than those formed through social networks, well, in most cases. Think of email as an important channel in your content promotion strategy.

  • Share the URL of your post to your email subscribers. Put a short introduction or an excerpt.
  • Put an image to your email message.
  • Encourage your subscribers to read it and share the contents with others.
  • Give them options by putting social widgets on the blog post itself.
  • Send personal emails to business partners, colleagues, clients and prospects who might find the content useful.


Paid promotion

This will depend on your budget. If you are a startup company, you might as well stick to the free services first before venturing into the paid ones. Notably, paid promotion is highly suitable for those that offer premium contents like e-books. Almost all social networking channels offer paid promotion services.

  • Promoted posts on Facebook. Facebook makes it easier to promote contents through its filters including demographics and even devices used.
  • Promoted tweets on Twitter. Aside from the option to pin a tweet, Twitter can be also setup to promote individual tweets at a time that you find most convenient.
  • Sponsored updates on LinkedIn. Posts can be promoted on your company’s official LinkedIn page. Nonetheless, even those who hadn’t liked your page yet will get to see the post.
  • Post ads on Google+. Company pages with over 1,000 followers are able to post ads. However, the ad will not run on the platform, but on other websites.


Evidently, you have many choices when it comes to promoting your contents and win more readers in the process. You just have to know where to start. The social networking sites offer both free and paid options. Whichever you choose though, your main goal should be write to read first and not write to rank. Good luck!


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