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January 18, 2017 at 7:08 am

17 Awesome Facebook and Messenger Tricks You Need to Know Now

Founded in 2004, Facebook is the go-to social site for everyone today. Not everyone is aware of what it can do, however. Make your Facebooking even more fun and worthwhile with these cool tricks.

Facebook tricks to  know now

1) Detail your romance

Want to know how you and your SO are connected Facebook-wise?

Search for

2) See things differently

Go to

fb messenger

3) Say things differently

Facebook has 469 emojis!

Try these:




fb emoji reactions

4) Perk up your mood

Feeling a little low?

1) Type @dailycute in a chat or Messenger window.

2) Watch what happens.

5) Play football

Feeling a little sporty? Let’s play some football.

1) Choose a friend you want to play the game with.

2) Send the football emoji.

3) Tap the emoji you just sent.

4) Start playing.

Game on!

*Messenger app only

6) Play basketball

Want to play another game?

1) Choose a friend you want to play the game with.

2) Send the basketball emoji.

3) Tap the emoji you just sent.

4) Start playing.

*Messenger app only

7) Play chess

Want to play something more serious?

1) Choose your opponent

2) Type @fbchess play to the thread.

3) Wait for your opponent to make the first move.

To move the pieces, remember these:

K for king

Q for queen

B for bishop

N for knight

R for rook

P for pawn

If you want to move the pawn on square d4, for example, type @fbchess Pd4.

*Messenger app only

8) Throwback in a flash

1) Go to Photos on your profile.

2) Click the first photo.

3) Hit the left or right arrow key.

9) Photos liked by who

By who? You, your SO, and your friends!

1) Type photos liked by me or anyone else.

2) Click the magnifying glass icon or hit Enter.

fb photos liked by me

10) Soup up pics

1) Click the photo/gallery icon.

2) Choose a photo you want to share with your friend/s.

3) Hold over the photo for one to two seconds.

4) Tap the pen or the Aa icon.

5) Choose a color. Then draw or write.

*Messenger app only

11) Turn profile pic into GIF

Are you fond of giffing?

1) Tap on your profile picture.

2) Tap the flashing record icon.

3) Start recording a 7-second video.

What a moving experience! Literally!

*iOS device only

12) Send a 15-second video birthday message

Tired of writing ‘Happy Birthday blah blah blah’? Use the birthday cam instead.

1) Click the name of the celebrator. A banner prompt will appear.

2) Tap the big red button that says Wish [name] a happy birthday!

3) Choose a birthday-themed frame (optional).

4) Send the video.

*iOS device only

13) Watch live videos worldwide

1) Go to your News Feed.

2) Under Explore, click Live Video.

3) Click the See more link if you can’t see the live video link.

fb live videos

14) Save posts for later

Have no time reading posts? Save ‘em!

1) Click the arrow icon at the top-right corner of the post.

2) Click Save Link.

Got the time now?

3) Go to your News Feed.

4) Click Saved under Explore.

15) Create a note

Want to create a massive post?

1) Go to your profile.

2) Click More then, click Notes.

3) Click + Add Note.

4) Write and upload some images, too.

5) Hit Publish.

Go to to see what your friends have written in the past!

16) Log out of Facebook remotely

Forgot to log out? Do so on another device.

1) Go to Settings.

2) Click Security.

3) Click Edit on When You’re Logged In section.

4) End the activity or all activities.

fb security settings

17) Message status chart

How can you tell if your friend has already read your messages?

• A blue circle = message is sending

• A blue circle with a check = message is sent

• A blue circle with a check and filled-in means = message is delivered

When the circle turns into a small version of your friend’s profile picture, it means the message has already been read.

Awesome overload, right?

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