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August 22, 2014 at 3:34 am

Steps in Optimizing a Landing Page (Part 3)

Aside from images, there are other elements that can reinforce the mood of the landing page. These are social proofs and calls to action. Certainly, the overall landing page design will not be complete without checking and testing. The problem with other provider of SEO Philippines services is they tend to forget the last two important steps in creating a landing page that converts. This shouldn’t be the case since these steps, too, are crucial in conversion.

Recap of Part 2:

STEP THREE – Evaluate the first impression

STEP FOUR – Determine the emotional resonance

STEP FIVE – Craft a compelling value proposition

STEP SIX – Reinforce the message through images


STEP SEVEN – Integrate social proofs and testimonials

By now, you must already have social profiles. Now, what you can do is to track brand mentions on the social web so you’d know what your target market is talking about and why they talk about your brand. Afterwards, use tools to discover which high authority websites are linking back to your landing page.

Reach out to your target market armed with the stats especially those sites that your target market deemed high authority sites. We call this implicit egoism where we naturally gravitate towards people, objects or places that provide favorable self-association.

Send emails to your users if they can give a short testimony about the brand and publish it on the landing page. This is brand advocacy that, according to study, increases awareness by 12%. Did you know 63% of the online users are more likely to purchase from a site with reviews and ratings?

social proofs and testimonials landing page optimization


STEP EIGHT – Communicate a clear call to action

A call to action (CTA) must clearly say what it actually does aside from triggering a response. The design of the CTA should contrast with the rest of the site, but still within the same aesthetic frame as the website and other marketing collateral (same color, same wording, etc.).

Treat your CTAs as the gateway to conversion. It is the culmination of all the steps discussed above. Whatever pain point they experience before coming to your landing page must be solved immediately or later, depending on the kind of solution.

call to action landing page optimization


STEP NINE – Check the copywriting

Read and re-read the content of the landing page. There is no such thing as ‘over-edit.’ After proofreading, read it again then ask yourself: is the content compelling enough to draw visitors to read more? Can you honestly say that it is compelling enough? Self-score the page. If it below five, you might as well consider suggestions.

Ask your friends and colleagues to conduct a simple peer review of the page. Solicit feedbacks. Remember that your visitor only has a second to decide if the site (and thus your brand) is trustworthy or not. If they decide you are, then they will naturally consume the contents of your page. If you want visitors sinking their teeth in, don’t forget the tone and mood you have already established with the headlines and images. Resonate with the visitors in the way they can relate.

copywriting landing page optimization


STEP TEN – Start an A/B test

Create alternative landing pages and form hypotheses whether these will work too on the web or not or if they will perform better with your current landing page or the landing page that you have just created.

Documentation is a critical part of the process. Through this, you can have a record of which works and which not. Some of the ideas will end up wrong and thrown out, but at least you have a document which you can refer to from time to time.


Make the most of your time by winning customers in less than a second. Treat your landing page as a venue where you can present and pitch ideas on how can you make your customers lives better with your product and services. Create a ‘hook’ that makes your prospects get to want more. For us, optimizing landing pages is one of the few ways to tell stories that feel better every time they are told. Stronger ROI awaits those firms which can choose the best SEO provider for them.


Source: Search Engine Journal | MOZ | ConversionXL

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