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July 9, 2014 at 9:33 am

Digital Age: Using Smartphones Can Be A Door To Your Dream Job

With the increasing number of smartphone users and the demands of having one, surely, manufacturers of these technologies are hooked-up to feeding their consumers as to what will satisfy them. Social media is now accessible through your mobile apps and even finding your dream job can be easier, through the use of your smartphone. Probably, productivity is at its peak on today’s digital age.

Smartphones are used at a very wide range and it stems from the need of mobility. You would not expect a lot of people bringing in their own laptops around which would be too tacky and hassle. And instead of finding a job through your desktop computers or your laptops, you can use your smartphone, which means being just a few taps away from it.


Here are some reasons why your smartphones can be your entry to the workforce:

Online application is becoming a norm.

With the existence of having WiFi everywhere and the trend of mobile device sales surpassing PC sales, it has been reported that online applications are now being used as a method for companies who are hiring. Through mobile recruiting, it is now easier for companies to accept candidates without doing much of the paper work. Gone are the days of walk-ins and filling up of application forms.

Wi-Fi is everywhere.

Entering the World Wide Web is now easy because of the presence of Wi-Fi. Having this advantage, any job seeker with a smartphone can now use this anytime, anywhere. Owning a smartphone can even become more advantageous for a candidate especially if there are job listings available, you can apply right away without bookmarking the page on your laptops and waiting until you get back home. It can save you more time and have yourself on top of the game.

Keeping your resume is easier.

Resumes are required in every job seeking opportunity. And with the use of a smartphone, you can easily store your CV to it! Aside from the fact that your mobile device is very handy, your resume is very much accessible anytime you needed it. Also, having the access to the Internet through a cloud-based storage from your smartphone can be a lot easier and liberating for an applicant. 

Hiring firms have mobile apps.

Hiring firms such as are now optimizing their sites for mobile consumption. It makes a smartphone more ideal for applicants to apply online through these downloadable mobile apps. You get more updated from companies who are hiring thus having the chances for you to get hired are high. Just make sure you have access to the Internet or a Wi-Fi connection for you to be able to use them.


Companies have mobile-optimized career sites.

As previously mentioned, companies nowadays are now slowly shifting to a more adapting phase and that is making mobile career sites. First-hand work applications will be sent directly to the companies who are hiring hence the higher chance of being noticed. This way, companies can also gain from this method, such that they can extract information about the job seeker on his or her social media profiles. That is why it is also important for an applicant to have decent and professional social media profiles (Facebook, LinkedIn) for companies’ references.

But the probability of getting hired still depends on you. Of course, when companies have decided to schedule an interview from you, it is now your job to prove to them the credentials you have written on your resume. The work of the smartphone is now done and everything really depends on you.

Surely there are still a lot of things a smartphone can do: text, call, Facetime, Hangout, Skype, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, what else? But with regard to finding a job, the use of a smartphone is now limited to the capacity it could do when in fact, you are the one who can make yourself get hired by showing off the skills and confidence that you have on that four-cornered room.

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