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June 10, 2016 at 2:00 am

Keyboard Shortcuts for Digital Marketers

Digital marketing can get really overwhelming. Good thing, even the keyboard we are using wish to extend a helping hand. Here are some keyboard shortcuts that all digital marketers need to know. Warning: The list can get overwhelming, too! Know, also, that some shortcuts are native to the computer while the others are specific to the program you are using.

Useful keyboard shortcuts

keyboard shortcuts


Definitely, you already know the basics although it won’t hurt if we’ll have a rundown of such.

Ctrl + c – Copy
Ctrl + v – Paste
Ctrl + x – Cut
Ctrl + b – Bold
Ctrl + i – Italics
Ctrl + u – Underline
Ctrl + a – Highlights all text
Ctrl + f – Find
Ctrl + z – Undo
Ctrl + y – Redo
Alt + Tab – Toggle between open windows
Home/End – Bring cursor to the start or end of the line
Ctrl + Home/End – Bring cursor to the start of the first word or the end of the last word in a document
Ctrl + right/left arrow – Bring cursor to the start or end of a word
Shift + right/left arrow – Highlight text one character at a time
Ctrl + Shift + right/left arrow – Highlight text one word at a time
Ctrl + Shift + Home/End – Highlight all text


Moving forward, here are some keyboard shortcuts you can use when using Gmail or Google Docs. You need to turn on keyboard shortcuts first, though, in Gmail settings. After doing this, all Gmail shortcuts will be shown when you key in Shift + ?.

c – Compose an email
r – Reply to an email
s – Star an email
x – Select an email
e – Archive an email
v – Open up the labels
Ctrl + Enter – Send
Shift + u – Mark as unread
Ctrl + k – Insert a link
# – Delete


As of April 2016, about 57.2% of all Internet users are browsing on Chrome. To make things easier for these users, here are the keyboard shortcuts to live by.

Ctrl + 1, 2, 3, 4, and so on – Bring to the first, second, third, fourth, and so on tab in the browser
Ctrl + Tab – Bring to the next tab in the browser (to the right)
Ctrl + Shift + Tab – Bring to the previous tab in the browser (to the left)
Ctrl + t – Open a new tab
Ctrl + Shift + t – Open the last opened tab
Ctrl + w – Close the current tab
Ctrl + n – Open new window
Ctrl + Shift + n – Open new incognito window
Ctrl + r – Refresh the page
Ctrl + d – Bookmark a page
Ctrl + l – Highlight the URL in the address bar
Ctrl + +/- – Zoom in or out


For social marketers, here are some useful keyboard shortcuts. – Direct to

0 – Help
1 – Home
2 – Timeline
3 – Friends
4 – Inbox
5 – Notifications
6 – Settings
7 – Activity Log
8 – About
9 – Terms
j – Scroll the news feed downward
k – Scroll the news feed upward
Enter – See more of the selected story
l – Like the selected story
c – Comment on the selected story
s – Share the selected story
o – Open the attachment of the selected story
p – Post a new status
/ – Search
q – Search chat contacts
? – Open a list of all FB shortcuts


Even Twitter has its own version of keyboard shortcuts.

g h – Go to the homepage
g p – Go to profile
g m – Go to direct messages
g c – Go to notifications
g r – Go to mentions
g u – Go to a person’s profile after typing the name of the person
n – Compose a new tweet
m – Compose a new direct message
r – Reply to a tweet
f – Favorite a tweet
t – Retweet a tweet
j – Move to the next tweet
k – Go back to the previous tweet
? – Open a list of Twitter shortcuts


And then, there are Alt codes. Here are some of the commonly used signs.

Alt + 163 – £
Alt + 128 – €
Alt + 165 – ¥
Alt + 162 – ¢
Alt + 169 – ©
Alt + 174 – ®
Alt + 153 – ™

There you have it. These are the most important keyboard shortcuts all digital marketers should know about. Being aware of these allow the marketer to boost his productivity and minimize the man-hour needed to do his responsibilities.

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