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March 31, 2017 at 5:50 am

21 Top Web Design Articles You Should Be Reading Right Now

As a newbie trying to navigate the web design and development industry, how will you start your journey? The answer is simple: learn, learn and learn! And how will you do just that? Again, it’s simple—you read materials online. I mean quality materials that can really get you off the ground if you are a noob and even brush up your knowledge if you consider yourself a seasoned pro.

Did you know that self-made millionaires spend 5 hours a week on learning? If you want to be included in the list of the who’s who, well, at least in the world of web design, please take heed. Read these articles first.

Web design articles

Where it all started

[1] Internaut day: The world’s first public website went online 25 years ago today

Are you wondering how the first web page looks like? It’s built on HTTP and HTML!

[2] A brief history of web design for designers

Let’s do some digging here. Web design has a dark history, quite literally!

web design for designers

[3] The Evolution of Web Design

Here’s a more visual presentation on how web design progressed through the years.

[4] Web design in 4 minutes

Now let’s get down to business with web design as explained in 4 minutes. 4 MINUTES.

Web design principles

[5] The Distribution of Users’ Computer Skills: Worse Than You Think

Not all web designers understand this, but the majority of the users may not be able to understand your design. In the article are the reasons you really need to keep it extremely simple.

[6] 9 basic principles of responsive web design

When it comes to the basics, though, the rule of thumb nowadays is it has to be responsive.

responsive web design

[7] 5 Principles of Persuasive Web Design

It doesn’t need to be just responsive, but it also needs to be persuasive. Otherwise, the design won’t deliver any conversions.

[8] 5 Modern Web Designs That Interfere with Conversions

Done wrong, and web design will actually restrict conversion, defeating its purpose altogether.

[9] 4 Factors Lean Web Design Company Considers Important

Even a web design company, Philippines-based or not, has a list of factors important in lean web design.

Web design and SEO

[10] Understanding the Full Impact of Web Design on SEO, Branding and More

What you need to know is that web design doesn’t exist in a vacuum. It also relates to search engine optimization (SEO), among others.

[11] Improve SEO with Inspirational Web Design in 2017

The truth is, you can actually improve SEO using web design principles, and you can improve design through SEO principles. It’ll be a win-win if you do.

web design and seo

[12] 5 Important Considerations for Web Design and SEO

Consider these things!

Web design trends

[13] The hottest trend in Web design is making intentionally ugly, difficult sites

Other than the principles and SEO, you also need to arm yourself with knowledge on design trends. Learn an intriguing yet successful trend about web designing. At times, you really need to learn what challenging the status quo means and how to do that.

[14] Web design trends we can expect to see in 2017

Speaking of trends, some trends don’t feel like trends at all because they stay, and for good reasons. Some trends are recurring, while some others are fleeting. It’s a yearly thing also and every design-related site seems to have its own version of design trends. So expect to see some new trends in 2018 and beyond.

[15] How to Create a Web Design Style Guide

Create consistent designs within the team with style guides. Consider these important points (and do’s and don’ts when crafting a project’s web design style guidelines.

web design style guide

[16] Top 10 Mistakes in Web Design

For more do’s and don’ts, here are some more mistakes you should avoid when designing.

[17] 10 Examples of Pre-Built Websites for Tech Put to Good Work

Design rules, rules and rules; following them makes the life of any web designer easy. The rules for tech are different, and the article outlines such.

[18] Showcase of Creative Designs Made With Vibrant Gradients

Designers love color! Here’s the proof. Now that’s perfect for broadening your RGB spectrum!

web designers love color

Web design inspiration

[19] 17 Sites for Web Design Inspiration

To let the creative juices flowing consistently, you’ll need inspiration from these sites.

[20] 24 Amazing Web Design Blogs You Should Follow This Month!

Learning should be continual. Read the right blogs.

[21] The 30 Best Web Design Blogs of All Time You Must Follow

What? Twenty-four blogs are not enough? Then, let’s make it thirty!

These just some of the articles we’ve found online that are worth your while. Take a moment to visit each website and read what every web designer needs to know. Learn and learn well.

Happy reading!

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