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October 13, 2016 at 7:30 am

Facebook Marketing: Using Video to Sell a Home

Selling has never been as easy as how it is at present. Before, sellers would have to personally go out on field and let people know about the product they’re offering. Now, it’s no longer the case.

With the onset of social media advertising and marketing, anyone can put out their own videos or promotional material round-the-clock. Contrary to the lofty price range in advertising through mainstream media, bringing it online saves people a lot of time and money.

Big ventures such as real estate are also not missing the practicality of this method. It’s exactly why we see a lot of prominent companies now using various social media platforms to promote awareness. One of the most popular avenues is through Facebook.

With its billions of users from all over the world, it’s no longer a surprise why digital marketers love bringing their strategies to this arena.

Why video?

There various types of post you can make on Facebook. One can go for plain text, images and even infographics. However, among these types of content, videos are considered to be among the most effective material in reaching people.

Compared to photos, which are known to be better than plain text, videos has an estimated 135% of organic reach. So just imagine how many people around the web could see your promotion once they open the platform.

Moreover, videos are also more dynamic. You can add animation and effects to highlight the best features of a real estate property and the like. Viewers have the tendency to get more attracted to items that move rather than looking at something static.

‘Go Live’ option

For marketers, being timely is a must. Facebook seem to know this as they launched the platform’s ‘Go Live’ feature that allows page or account owners to show live coverage of just about anything.


Let’s say for example you want to cover a ground breaking event for a recent property the company wants to sell.  Rather than simply creating a customized image of the area, you can take the extra step and let people know about the event by allowing them to stream it through Facebook!

Opportunity to create featured video list

Naturally, there are certain properties you wish to promote better. This could be a new condominium, an apartment and even a vacant lot at a very good location. You can create short videos for each and have them stored on your Facebook playlist.

This way, any people who are interested to view your other offers could simply click on it from the left side and watch the property’s featured highlights.

 Facebook Insight feature

In traditional marketing, assessing the efficiency of a strategy may require one to conduct hands-on and field surveys to see if it generated the response they hope for from their market.



With the Facebook Insight feature, digital marketers could automatically see the results of their campaigns. It measures the amount of interaction in the form of likes, comments and shares. Using this data, marketers will no longer have to spend too much time making their evaluation and can immediately proceed with the next campaign they wish to run.

While traditional means of advertising is still widely used, we cannot set aside the fact that Facebook has now changed the landscape of the entire marketing industry as a whole. It’s power as an advertising tool is so strong and widespread that professionals working on promoting a product just have to embrace it.

Digitalization has changed and improved the means by which the real estate industry could reach its market. Don’t miss out the benefits that a typical 30 to 90-second video can do to promote your home.

Create a compelling story using videos!


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