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September 4, 2014 at 5:52 am

Facebook Now Targets Users Based on Device Used

In June 2014, Facebook announced yet another update on its advertising platform, indicating its seriousness to make the platform the next best thing in the online marketing world. While we have yet to contemplate the announcement’s impact on guaranteed SEO as well as conversions, rankings and authority, among others, there are perceivable benefits to targeting ads that lets any business reach its target audience based on mobile device use. Let’s dig deeper into the scenario.

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The situation leading to the update

Reaching people at the mobile device level has a solid foundation. According to Facebook, mobile app developers had already witnessed immense success with the social giant’s mobile app ads. The main reason? Facebook is highly capable of targeting mobile app ads precisely. Facebook even reasons high quality installs and engagements are only possible through “reaching the right people with the most relevant messages.”

This leads to enhancing the mobile targeting services specifically for app developers. Any developer would be able to reach mobile device users based on the specific device they use. Apart from the platform, that is iOS and Android, it is now possible to target based on device such as Apple, Samsung and HTC whether the use is on Wi-Fi or not. This was not possible before since mobile targets are limited on either Android or iOS and minimum OS versions and Wi-Fi-only users.

facebook mobile app device use

Benefits of mobile app ad device targeting

Along with the announcement, Facebook listed some of the benefits of the new feature.

1) Generating app insights at the device level

Facebook allows the developers to identify which devices will work best for the app through its App Insights, so the developers may target these devices. If the app is specifically made for iPhone 5S, it will be possible to target only those iPhone 5S users.

2) Eliminating wasted app marketing spend

Facebook also allows for filtering out the devices that are no longer compatible with the app, reaching optimal device-app balance. This also means reducing development time since the developer only needs to build apps to devices which they think best suit the app.

3) Gaining greater return on investment (ROI)

Facebook made it in such a way developers may reach the most number of relevant users. These are the people who can find the app and appreciate the compatibility of the app to the device they currently use. Facebook optimizes bids since developers and app marketers may bid per device separately.

The article dares to add another benefit which is creating more device-targeted apps. Not all developers make apps to market and sell them through Facebook. Given the opportunity though, developers may slightly reverse the development process by deciding which device to target first prior to developing a mobile app. This means you can only target the app development based on the most number of Facebook users who own such device. Device selection will be a fundamental part of the process.

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Some restraints according to Facebook

Facebook goes on to caution, however, that the developers should not go too narrow with their audience. For instance, they can choose to develop mobile apps suitable for all iPhone users regardless of the device model they are using now. Facebook provides an option to target all iPhones and all iPads, for instance. In-depth understanding of Facebook’s mobile device targeting option is a must therefore.

When marketing the mobile app on Facebook, the developers should also customize the ad in a manner that it will resonate with the target audience. For example, Facebook mentions there is no need to create an ad for all devices. Bundling the group is possible. Also, the rule of thumb is targeting an estimated size of 500,000 users at best for an ad.


In sum, Facebook is giving all developers worldwide an opportunity to create mobile apps that device users will find value in. Such an opportunity also creates several benefits that highlight obtaining greater returns. Developing an app is no joke, and unless you cannot recuperate the investment (other than creating it for fun) in developing one, it is pointless to create an app in the first place. Grab the opportunity!


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