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July 25, 2014 at 5:35 am

16 Must-Read Articles for Online Storefront Owners

Owning an online store is not without difficulties. While consulting a web design company in the Philippines or other countries is a must, it is your responsibility to ensure that everything goes smoothly and as planned. Here are some worth-reading articles for you.


e-commerce online storefront1) 25 eCommerce SEO Tips by Palmer Web Marketing

Offers useful tips on how you can beat the SEO challenges for e-commerce sites. The article also offers recommendations in making your online store more search engine-friendly.


2) Shopping Carts Gallery: Examples and Good Practices by Smashing Magazine

Shows examples of attractive and creatively designed shopping carts. It also discusses good practices when in the process of designing shopping carts to improve usability and support content.


3) E-commerce Call to Action: Design Tips by E-consultancy

Provides practical tips to improve conversion rates through attractively designed call to action buttons. It also provides good examples of calls to action.


4) Tips on How to Design to Attract More Customers by

Offers tips in creating the perfect coupon including the texts and designs. The article also highlights the importance of studying your competitors’ coupons.


5) eCommerce Platform Solutions: Which Online Product Catalog is Best? by eCommerce Insiders

Discusses the e-commerce platforms and their usage statistics. It also talks about the pros and cons of each platform.


6) 30 Beautiful and Creative Ecommerce Website Designs by Shopify

Showcases the most attractive web designs. The article also accentuates the current trend which is the use of high-quality images.


7) The Mega Guide to Maximizing eCommerce Sales, Revenues and Performance on All Fronts by KISSmetrics

Outlines eight of the most important e-commerce practices that can drive revenue up. The article includes mobile responsiveness and SEO at the top of the list.


8) 22 Free Google Products for Small Business Owners by Practical Ecommerce

Provides a rundown of Google tools to make online business more productive. It segregates tools based on its use such as social, media, site and search management and general office.


9) 11 Alternative Payment Options by Practical Ecommerce

Provides information on alternative payments. It highlights the importance of giving customers more payment choices and thereby streamlining the checkout process especially for mobile consumers and tackles how the merchants can save money by introducing these alternative options.


10) 4 Principles of Social Proof Every Ecommerce Store Owner Needs to Know by Ecommerce University

Emphasizes social proof as a pillar of influence. The article discusses how important are social signals to stir reactions from the audience.


11) More Than Half of Retailers Investing in Responsive Design: E-tailing Group by Mobile Commerce Daily

Talks about the urgency of making e-commerce sites responsive. It provides stats based on an e-tailing survey regarding the status of mobile commerce.


12) Comparing the Most Popular Payment Gateways for Ecommerce linking to Exchange Payment Gateway Comparison Chart by iThemes

Provides basic information on merchant accounts and payment gateways. The link features a comparison chart of the most utilized online payment gateways.


13) Boost Your Small Business  With These 12 Free Ecommerce Tools by Mashable

Provides a list of the right tools to make your website looking professional. The tools listed are easy to set up and maintain.


ecommerce store14) 22 Free Google Products for Small Business Owners by Practical Ecommerce

Lists Google tools and applications that can enhance almost all aspects of online productivity. The article categorizes the products based on general office, site and search management, media and social.


15) 20 Best E-commerce WordPress Plugins of 2014 by WP Explorer

Provides plugins and applications that can turn a WordPress site into a full-pledged online store. The article maintains that these plugins are enough to run a successful digital shop.


16) Google & Universal Analytics E-commerce Tracking – Complete Guide by Optimize Smart

Provides a complete overview of e-commerce including commerce platforms and their roles in e-commerce tracking. It also discusses e-commerce tracking using Google Analytics and Universal Analytics.


It is best to take a plunge into the e-commerce world armed with the right knowledge and resources. Hope you learn a thing or two from these articles.

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