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Quick Read: Pros and Cons of Digital Marketing

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SEO training Philippines is all over the Internet. After looking it up, you found out that it is one of the strategies being used in digital marketing. You may have a lot of questions about that subject matter so here is a quick read about digital marketing.

What is digital marketing?

Digital marketing is the process of advertising or promoting of brands, products, services, people, and much more, thru the use of digital means or avenues. Traditional marketing usually involves newspapers, TVs, billboards, and flyers. Digital, as you can simply think of things from the name itself, can be about the use of the Internet, social media accounts or networks, web search, search engine optimization (SEO), the web and other gadgets applications, to name a few.

Do you think it is effective? Why or why not? Let us see if we have the same views or perspective with regards to digital marketing:

What are the advantages of digital marketing?

Most people have access to smartphones, tablets, computers and other electric gadgets

If you are going to observe, from the youngest to the oldest person, you can see holding a gadget. They probably use applications for their smartphones and tablets. In that way, digital marketing is already present. From the simple pop-ups on the apps or ads, you can already see digital marketing making its presence felt.

Many people go online and use the Internet

Even without mentioning the statistics on how many people go online and browse the Internet, it is pretty much evident. Unlike the old days where people would check many books before getting an answer, today we just look it up on Google, and we don’t have to worry so much. The Internet is a huge place and for sure digital marketing is somewhere always there.

There are billions of people who signed up for and are active in social media networks

If you are looking for a person, company or brand, you check their social media accounts to know what they offer, what they do and whatnot. Aside from that, you use different social media accounts not just to connect with friends or colleagues but also to expand your network outside your circle. Sounds fun!

Digital marketing is relatively cheaper than traditional marketing

You will still be spending in digital marketing though some features or applications can be used for free. But in that sense, you can see how much you can save from the cost of printing flyers and having your ads broadcasted in TVs.

What are the disadvantages of digital marketing?

If improperly used, you may be mistaken as a spammer

Digital marketing should be utilized responsibly. Instead of gaining more leads and customers, people will hate your brand if you will unnecessarily post ads wherever to the point it becomes spam. Endorse your product or service in a good and creative way.

You are just a speck of dust in the Internet

In short, there are a lot of distractions online and in the digital world in general. You need to step up your game or else. You’d be left behind. That is where SEO and other strategies come into play.

The target audience of your group can’t be reached thru digital marketing

No matter how big the online population is, digital marketing won’t generate that well to your company if your target is not active online.

If you are going to think of it, the ones listed in the disadvantages are not so much about the downside of digital marketing. You will probably have a problem if you are going to use it in a wrong way or do not strategize well. In the end, it is still your call.

We are hoping that you gained at least one lesson from this quick guide. If your questions piled up and your curiosity just got bigger, it is time for you to search for a reliable SEO company in the Philippines and check out their tips and ideas about digital marketing.

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