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October 3, 2014 at 10:06 am

What Can The Music Industry Learn From Digital Marketing?

What makes it cool and interesting for a marketer especially knowing your niche is the fact that it will be easier for you to understand that certain niche from many various angles. Any digital marketing agency in the Philippines, among others, would know that, and since the music industry has always something new in the oven, then the challenge of marketing is always up. Good thing the Internet is a very great avenue to venture on marketing and that is through digital promotion.


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Online streaming, as what is so popular nowadays, is just a portion of a marketing strategy mainly purported through the Internet. Since then, online music streaming sites have ben emerging up to now. With the help of social media, a lot of artists have been able to keep up with the challenge as well as with the competition that has been happening in the industry.


Artists are lucky enough these days because of the Internet’s hype. Moreover, there are diverse things artists should be knowledgeable about when it comes to spreading their music and promoting it properly. There is more to marketing than just sharing stuff and having quite a number of likes.


Listeners prefer digital these days


With such diversity going on around the digital realm, there is still such thing as commonality. In the first place, people make use of the Internet because they can acquire a lot from it even just staring a few hours on the desktop screen or in your mobile smartphones. Life gets easy when it comes to gathering information, a lot easier in listening to new tunes as well.


Because of the trend that most people are now using the Internet through their smartphones, there happens to be a growth in digital consumption. Focusing on music consumption, people prefer to listen to music via online streaming music sites such as Spotify, as an example. It also just shows that because of the fast-paced, on-the-go lifestyle of the many, consuming music is just as easy as tapping the screen and hitting the play button, even just at the comfort of your bed without bothering to stand up and reaching for the stereo.


Looking at the bright side


Technically, there might have been a decline of physical copy purchases by the listeners. This is not equal to saying that production of physical records such as CDs, vinyl records or cassette tapes should be terminated, but the fact remains that because of the preference of many people, digitally produced and distributed music is what hits the charts.


However, this should not become a contradicting imagery to our musician friends who have been dying hard to produce a very promising record, aside from the fact that it is a work of art and hard work, traditional marketing (i.e. record store purchases, TV guesting, etc.) should still go hand in hand with digital marketing. 


Digital marketing and its popularity


There are a lot to learn and explore in digital marketing as much as Internet usage is concerned. Well, much of it happens in the Internet though. Through ads, social media, websites, and podcasts—anything digitally produced collateral solely created for promotion.


There is Soundcloud, then there is Bandcamp and here comes iTunes. These are just among the many other music streaming platforms, and good avenues for you to purchase mp3’s through downloads, that you can find online, which is often taken advantage by aspiring and successful musicians to promote music, at the same time being benefited by listeners and fans to enjoy free music, at least.


Websites and blogs are also marketing strategies that are initially produced whenever an artist comes out in their comfort zones, for their audience easy access and updates about their whereabouts and tours. Facebook does the big help because a lot of people are on that social media site, not mentioning Twitter and Instagram.


Basically, as the hype goes on, there will still be a lot more emerging ways how the music industry can make use of the Internet and digital marketing. As artists run to a course of keeping up with the competition and continuously having loyal fans, it will be a test of well-thought-of strategies coming along the digital realm.


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