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March 23, 2018 at 5:16 am

Using Visuals to Leverage Content Marketing for SEO

What’s great about utilizing the potential of SEO in business is it’s marketing features. Search engines adapt to the needs of the users as customers start to cower for information. Hence, search engine algorithms prioritize the quality of content. Word count, unique title and image alt tags, and keyword relevance are some of the elements webmasters, and SEO in the Philippines must include when crafting a post. Unfortunately, these factors don’t favor user experience. User engagement is the last ingredient to make an online marketing campaign successful.


The Secret Behind Visual Marketing

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What better way to boost content marketing on several online platforms than using visuals? Though search engine optimizers use full-length articles for their strategies, visuals are just as compelling. Visual marketing falls under content marketing, but the hierarchy of content importance and the underdevelopment of algorithms to recognize photos make it the last resort to raise SERP ranking.

Visual marketing one way of appealing to search engine crawlers and users through images, photos, slideshows, graphs, and the likes. Audiences like them because they are snackable and bite-sized. Information becomes easy to digest. They are impressive promotional elements across social media platforms. This marketing strategy increases CTR and website traffic which helps with ROI and conversion rate.

Furthermore, it’s a way to recycle full-length articles and newsletters into motion graphics, images, videos and the likes. A website won’t be stuck with popular long-form posts when it has visuals to back them up. The continuous sharing of the content on social media and the web will generate traffic back to the original site. Adding a visual gives the long-form a chance to be an evergreen content.

Lastly, posting another type of content format is refreshing and rewarding to frequent site visitors and loyal audiences.


Four Reasons to Join The Visual Marketing Bandwagon

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Not everyone jumps on the opportunity to use the marketing tactic though it’s around for a long time. The technique becomes different when on a digital scale. Still, some things remain the same. Take the advice from a web design company and join the hottest digital marketing trend. Below are four reasons why visual marketing is a useful technique to leverage a business or an industry.

1. Visuals improve recall through association of figures, compelling imagery, and motion.

According to, 81 percent of users skim the content they read online. A photo, gif or slideshow gains people’s attention back to the material. It also attracts them long enough to stay on the page.

2. Visual marketing will make you stand out.

Content recycling and creating visual content push webmasters to go out of the usual type-and-publish. It encourages them to look for new ways to present information which results in unique and one-of-a-kind posts.

3. It provides a content personality.

Getting used to the pattern of visual content creation leads to adopting consistency. A designer often has or follows a template. Hence, the set of visuals will have uniformity while remaining relevant to a topic.

4. It promotes brand identity.

Besides consistency, making a logo and using it to brand visual content makes the business or company stand out. Customizing logos for different types of visual content helps users recognize your brand. A small icon is neat and fits well on videos and other motion graphics. Meanwhile, a complete logo that includes the enterprise slogan, website, and name is for images and infographics.


Wrapping Up

Visual marketing is and must be a part of an SEO agency’s strategy. Though it’s short of words for link building and identifies using keywords, it has the power to engage users. The elements on an image taps on the emotional and psychological aspects of audiences. Utilizing it leads to traffic generation, high CTR, and conversion rate.

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