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September 3, 2014 at 6:31 am

Mobile Apps: Protect Yourself from the Dangers of Social Media


There are just so many things that are happening around the world right now. From the different news on the current events, celebrity gossips down to the things happening online and on social media networks. With that being said, a lot of possibilities can happen in the realm of the virtual world. Some good stuff are bannered all around the web at the same time, the bad ones are also lurking around the corner. As mobile app development is concerned, these are the perks and quirks for such activity.



With smartphones quite powerful for their size, these gadgets can create a worldwide trend. Well in fact, they have already been—and are continuing to do so. Such popularity has been thriving over mobile applications such as Facebook, Instagram, WeChat, Viber, Tinder and a whole lot more that often requires personal information.  They do, but not all, though.


To make things easy for you dealing with your transactions and other personal stuff online at the same time prevent yourself from being slowly caught up by the Internet world and protect yourself from the mishaps that are likely to happen (e.g. cyber bullying, hacking, trafficking, etc), here are some things you should need to keep in mind.


Avoid placing too much information


With the very likely transparent way of communication and endless ways of accumulating information online, despite the usual norm of having social media accounts, there is still a need to keep that privacy for your self. By doing so, avoid putting in too much information. Avoid placing your address, your credit card details and some other important stuff that aren’t necessary to be flaunted. There are also instances (might be rare) that mobile apps are being used to track down or perhaps hack data from your smartphones or tablets. Make sure your gadgets do not also contain too much info that may affect your personal safety at risk. We never know who lurks around.




Always make use of your privacy settings


When using mobile apps such as Facebook, always make use of the privacy settings that are laid out for you. They are there to remind you that even though you are using social media, you are still bound to keep your privacy. It would help if you will have a bit of restrictions for others to see and for you to share. One example is that from Twitter, you can protect your account by activating the private setting button. It would also be good for you in the long run for security purposes. 


Avoid taking photos that are explicit


As much as possible, don’t. And as much as possible, don’t post them online. Give yourself reasons to be wholesome and to give yourself some privacy. And just because you are also too much overprotective about yourself, others are not. There are bullies lurking around who might find interest in public shaming people but before that happens to you, help yourself by being rational.


Create passwords that only you can figure out


Passwords can help you secure your accounts, either using a browser or your mobile apps. These are often usual security measures to ensure that no one intrudes your privacy or robs your identity, as having social media accounts are concerned. Especially now that there is a security bug called as ‘heartbleed’ which should be focused upon because of the susceptibility it may incur whenever you are online.


Make sure that the application is authentic


There are app stores that are selling or allowing you to download such applications that you can use in whatever activities you are about to do. Just make sure that you are downloading the right mobile apps that will help you and suit your needs.


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