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April 7, 2017 at 5:39 am

SEO Technique 101: How to Double Your Traffic Using Social Media


Social media plays a significant role in a marketing strategy. And for you to grow and increase your traffic, merely posting your content on social media may not be effective as you think it is. Remember, your target audience may be sophisticated over time. They know what’s new and what’s terrible online. Which is why impressing your audience is a matter that should not be ignored.


Most SEO companies use social media for their marketing strategy. But the real question is, is it effective and successful enough to double the traffic? Or is it worth your time and effort focusing on that specific strategy? Yes, you may be publishing great content. But without social media to spread your content, then you might not get the desirable results. And yes, that is how powerful and influential social media is. We all already know how social media can help us boost the traffic of our website.



Optimize your content for each network



We all do know that social media have different ways to handle our images and texts. And if you are not mindful of it, there are possibilities that your content or website might not be as good as it used to be for other audiences. For instance, in Google+, it allows you to post longer messages than of Twitter. That means you have to add some variety and value to your post and take advantage of the strengths of each network. Another way to optimize your content is through adding an image. This will give your post a noticeable one than posts that don’t have. The clearer your image is, more people will most likely be interested to click your post.



Never share the same message twice



When you share your content, you will most likely have a caption or a title before posting it. And the usual guideline when posting is to include the title, a link, and hashtags. This step is effective once. But when you have the same message all throughout the entire promotion, this will trigger your audience to mark you as a spammer. And yes, thinking about what to include before sharing may sometimes be a challenge on our part, especially when we share the same content. But here’s how:


For your first post, you can perhaps post the title and the “NEW Blog Post” designator. And for your next post, you can ask your audience a question (to stir a conversation), cite a fact, share a quote or even add an intriguing fact before adding the content or the link of your website. With these methods, it can provide an excellent way to engage your audience on your content.



Develop a sharing schedule



“Is it ok to share the content more than once?” This is one of the common questions ask for most marketers. Yes, you can! In fact, contents that are shared multiple times on social media can boost strong reactions from your target audience. But there’s a caveat, though, the reactions can be a positive or a negative one, depending on how careful you are when sharing. And yes, it is not just about sharing; you also have to observe proper guidelines to effectively and successfully get the desired results without spamming.


Moreover, when sharing, it is best for you if you observe a schedule for it. Perhaps, you can share your content alternatively. If you plan to publish your content on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, then 2 hours after on the same day, you can share it on Twitter and Tumblr. Never share your content on the same account simultaneously.



Monitor your results



When it comes to social media, it is a must for you to monitor each of your posts to know if you get the desirable results. This might be another task to do, but this is one of the most important things you should never ignore. When you monitor the results, you will know if there is a decrease or an increase in post activity, negative feedback from your target audience, or even know if your audience has no interest in your content at all.


Keeping track on the activities online can help you identify which strategy you used is effective in engaging your target audience on social media. And if you notice that the results are not in your favor, then you can base your next techniques or marketing strategies through the behavior of your target audience. With that, you will get the doubled traffic for your website.


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