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January 25, 2018 at 6:20 am

Increase Organic Traffic by Recycling Posts

Social media is useful for directing visitors to your site. Though it doesn’t contribute to site rankings, it is useful for engagement, which paves the way to increase organic traffic. Hence, producing evergreen content must be part of your SMM strategy.

One way to boost traffic and integrate the benefits of SEO through SMM is resharing content. Various desktop and mobile users with access to the Internet access daily content through social media platforms. Thus, using social media to reach users and audiences requires engaging and updated content.

An SEO company understands the correlation between fresh and timely content for the website to become highly efficient in the search engine. However, continually creating new content pushes your current masterpieces at the back row. You are missing out on potential audiences who haven’t viewed your published work.

Renewing, refreshing and recycling evergreen content maximizes the reach of your content. It’s also an integral part of social media strategy to increase content exposure. The technique increases the value of your site using less time and cost.

Here are four strategies to implement for your brand.


1. Rewrite existing evergreen posts.

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You must identify which of your past posts generated organic traffic. Make a list, conduct a content audit and update. Check the links, grammar, and the content rundown. Refresh the images and social buttons. Most of all, make the content as timely as possible.

Implementing these changes cuts your effort and time to produce new content. Continually curating new and updated content is a lot of work. The same goes with making content to be as evergreen as possible. Thus, resharing existing content doesn’t only refresh the feed for the current audience. It’s a practical strategy for driving traffic back to your site. It generates views even when the content passes its original published date.


2. Utilize the social sharing “sweet spot” by repackaging content.

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The goal is to get people to reach and share your content. Repackaging an existing content is a useful way to reach new audiences and different niche. Reframing the content based on a theme, for example, entices users to stay longer as they choose to engage on a set of related content.

There are various ways to reframe your content and keep it fresh.

A long form blog post can be:

  • an e-book
  • an online course
  • an infographic
  • videos
  • templates or checklists
  • webinar
  • slides or presentation
  • podcast
  • visuals (gifs, photos, quotes, memes, and stats)


3. Reach and test with various audiences.

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Though the goal is to share on social media, it helps when you vary how you share your content. This is where marketing comes in. You can use the different sides of marketing to present your content and bait users.

Using a quote or well-researched statistics can get people excited. Pair it with some attention-grabbing graphics and descriptions. You can mix and match visuals and words until you find out which works for you.


4. Automate

 social media machine

Instead of manually immersing yourself in the process of resharing content, you can automate the process. Scheduling your posts makes sequential gaps helpful in maintaining your brand personality. Moreover, it frees you from doing the usual work and gives you additional time to interact with fans, plan your posts and other leisure activities.

Spacing your updates brings you a wide range of followers. Though social media doesn’t make new content, it provides an avenue let your evergreen content to shine.

Responsible resharing is an integral part of overall content marketing strategy. Keeping a fresh content, regularly producing quality content an engaging with users on platforms where they are most active are the techniques you need to remember. This way, you earn followers, get more clicks and traffic that leads to better SEO results. Most of all, users won’t see the same content twice.


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