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January 12, 2017 at 7:46 am

Online Marketing for Startups and Small Businesses

With consumerism now dominating the market, it’s no longer a surprise to find a lot of private entities starting their own venture. Now, anyone can promote content online for free and reaching out to a specific pool of customers has also become easier.

But if you’re just starting, it might be best to reconsider your plans of going public and focus on polishing the initial steps as well as remembering the crucial matters involved in online marketing. Here are a few of them.

Planning is indispensable

There isn’t any shortcut to online marketing success. Despite all the advanced tools meant to aid digital marketers in making their work easier, there isn’t just a concrete, solid formula that would guarantee long-term success.

This is why careful planning is necessary. For startup and small businesses, this means looking into the specifics of the following:

  • Target market
  • Budget plan
  • Type of social media campaign
  • Frequency of online posts
  • Quality of marketing copy
  • Customer engagement

And so much more. Before one can fully jump-start any campaign, there has to be a solid blueprint that tells the marketers and company owners the step by step way of the implementation. Otherwise, the whole strategy might be rendered ineffective.

Staying realistic is a key

Visualizing the grand dreams we have for our companies is easy, but acting on it is a whole new different story. Aside from it takes time, money, manpower and risk factors are crucial indicators on whether or not you will succeed.

While it’s good to have your eyes on the win, staying realistic is always better. You have to assess whether or not your current budget, timeline, logistics and everything else coincides with each other. If not, you might end up having some huge issues on the way.

Numbers aren’t everything

Ever since social media has dominated the marketing arena, more and more entrepreneurs seemed to be so fixated in gaining a lot of followers and subscribers in their social accounts.

While these numbers are important, it’s not the totality of your campaign. The point of building a strong online presence is to reach out with customers and eventually encourage them to buy your product or service. But other than that, it’s also a matter of building your credibility to ensure that they get back to you after making the purchase.

You can have as many followers online, but if they don’t convert to anything tangible, you can’t fully assess the efficiency of your campaign. More importantly, you can’t get the profit you initially projected.

Don’t hope for instant gratification

Online is faster. This fact alone gives many marketers and small businesses the impression that results are also instant – which of course, is wrong.

As mentioned, there are no shortcuts in digital marketing. It follows a process. Hoping for instant gratification will only lead to disappointment and this defeats the idea of fully building a trusted reputation online.

Instead of only looking at the short-term goals, it might be best to start looking into the long-term ones. If you don’t win by the numbers on your first try, then that’s fine. You’re just starting after all. There is always a room for making your next campaign better.

Social media marketing works wonders

Lastly, social media is no joke. It’s reality. The challenge with small business companies is how to make their services public and get the attention of their market. This issue is primarily addressed by social media and its unique metrics that help entrepreneurs boost their marketing messages.

Unfortunately, not everyone manages to maximize the usage of these platforms and end up being disappointed by the results they get. As you plan your social media strategy, it’s best to consider the appropriate platform where your main market often hangout and boost your content promotion in there.

Competition is tough in any industry, but this should not be a reason for you to shy away from the idea of making your product public. Reassess your initial plan and see if there are areas in need of strengthening.

Also, if you need professional help such as promoting website articles and making it rank higher on search engines, hiring a third party service like an SEO company in the Philippines might be a good call. Just make sure you choose well the people you plan to work with.

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